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A Writer’s Journey

In the summer of 1998, I started writing my first screenplay. In retrospect, I realize I had always had this creative side.  1995 was a watershed year. That April, while marketing what would be my first published article post-Wellesley, someone asked me out of the blue: “Have you ever considered writing fiction?” I had, in fact, written a play that my third grade class performed, and some twenty years later started to ponder writing a spec sitcom. Then, a confluence of factors continued to steadily nurture this creative seed, and, after much perseverance and many drafts, I completed the screenplay. Also in the summer of 1998, I started focusing more intently on developing my sitcom, writing the pilot, which BBC Entertainment reviewed when I was working for BBC America during its launch phase.  BBC Entertainment provided valuable comments—the first of many I have received along the way. In the intervening years, one brick after another, I have also became a regularly published author. [Links to my books, as well as samples of my commentary and feature writing, are shown below.] As for the success I achieve, I always keep in mind what the executive producer of Miami Vice told me: “It’s the becoming, not the being.”

— Mary Claire Kendall



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Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends

“Oasis: Conversion Stories of
Hollywood Legends”


“Oasis: Conversion Stories
of Hollywood Legends”

(Barnes and Noble)

Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends

También Dios pasa por Hollywood
(Ediciones Rialp)

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